“The Elusive Fandom Singularity”

Did we leave out your favorite fandom? Let us know in the comments, but remember we are fallible human beings with feelings.

“Milkshake App”

This is based on an app I use called @Habitica which is actually staffed (as near as I can tell) with very lovely people. So I’m very I don’t have to deal with this moral quandary.

“Don’t Say I Warned You”
I've since learned most of these "prank" videos are staged, which is less honest but it's also less sadistic. So, progress?

“Rested and Restored”

Happy Thanksgiving!

And a reminder that a fully recharged smart phone protects you from awkward conversations with relatives.

Playing with the idea of what cats I would cast into #FDwebcomic if I had grabbed from the cats I know of now. And outside of the leftover cats that haven’t died of old age yet that I would have included otherwise, I can only think of two cats right now.
Maya, my brother’s newest kitten, and Matilda, my current cat

#webcomic #concepts #mastoart #mastocat #furry #cleanfurry

Today’s : “Xennials vs. Millennials: Snapchat Edition”

I'm actually Gen X so I don't know. Did Snapchat ever fix their horrid interface, or are they keeping it obtuse to stop the olds from using it?

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