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“Alas, Poor Foozle!”

If you like this, you might like SciFi comic SMUGGLER’S CURVE. I’m doing it for with artist @NguyeningIt


More pictures from ! If you're at the convention, come by AA-1125 and say hi!

Weekend has been a blast so far! Here's some photos from the show floor.

Sam the Chickadee #10

Some people find it difficult to express how much they care. It still feels good to do kind things for them!


Link’s let the cat out of the bag about Orson’s situation and Markesha is suddenly feeling very locked in.

Kamikaze is a !

Sam the Chickadee #9

My mum used to make me chicken soup when I was sick. She’d put a single ice cube in my bowl to cool it down enough for me to eat. What comforts you when you’re sick?

Update! Arguments and introducing exotic technology to skittish rookies are always a great combination.

Kamikaze is a !

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I don't really have any cool stuff to share but a while back I decided to gift to the world a giant list of comics I liked with women and girls as central protagonists and rate them all. It needs an update but here it is: #comics

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