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Walking home in the rain is bad enough when there isn't a homicidal gang hunting you.
Kamikaze: Windshear Act 1 starts next week!

Need to get caught up? Read the for free!

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Hey there! Looking for some fresh indie animation to watch? We just premiered our first animated short "Kamikaze: Trial by Fire" on YouTube!

It's a 14 minute 2d adventure set in an original world, with original music and a great cast!

In just one week we'll be releasing our award-winning animated short on YouTube!

Follow our channel for updates and video announcements:

Go read this week's Kamikaze update: Siblings!

Logan's ranting again, but Acantha has a lead that might make things interesting.

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Go read the latest Kamikaze update: Acantha!

A New Pierce family member just dropped!

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By the way!!

Senhyakkin Ch11 is getting incremental updates on my Patreon ( Once the whole chapter is completed, it will be uploaded as usual on the webcomic page!

#kenshi #kenshigame #webcomic #webcomics #patreon

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Go read this week's Kamikaze update: Vote of No Confidence!

With the Nines inbound, Orson and Markesha aren’t sticking around to find out what happens next.

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Prompt 3:
"A shadowy demon wants to achieve a dream involving a cloying statue, but they will have to push a friend away."

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Prompt 2:
"A fragile pet wants to obtain a silent hideout, but they must leave the familiar behind and face the unknown."

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Prompt 1:
"A hated daredevil wants to help solve the problem of a deceptive island, but it will mean breaking a promise."

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Looking for prompts for stories, art, or other creative projects? Starting a thread here of free to use ideas using the Story Engine Deck!

You can use the cards in the Story Engine to build quick prompts. It's definitely worth checking out!

@Mayor At the moment, I'm really enjoying myself reading through the archive of Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. ( )

For folks who are new to Mastodon and are intimidated by the timeline, here's my suggestions for awesome accounts to follow:

@Curator — The admin of .ART, often boosts really lovely art, as well as creative/artistic exercises and reference images and resources.

@APoD — A bot that shows you awesome astronomy photos every day.

@todayilearned — Another bot filled with interesting tidbits/trivia (quality varies, though!)

[Continued in an unlisted thread below…]

listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

Kamikaze is a dustbowl series, and last year we released our very first animated short!

Check out the trailer:

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