Go read this week's Kamikaze update: The Finer Points!

Turns out Markesha might be ahead of the curve on some of Orson's operative training.

Go read this week's Kamikaze update: Elevated Fashion!

Markesha, for all of her talents, may not know how to wear a poncho?

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Go read this week's Kamikaze update: Tarp Time!

Markesha's cool roof dismount doesn't go as planned.

Kamikaze is an indie adventure series!

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Go read this week's Kamikaze update: Along the Edge!

Markesha, Orson, Julian, and Ritch have made it to the edge of Outer Trinity, and Markesha's immediately climbing on things.

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Walking home in the rain is bad enough when there isn't a homicidal gang hunting you.
Kamikaze: Windshear Act 1 starts next week!

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Hey there! Looking for some fresh indie animation to watch? We just premiered our first animated short "Kamikaze: Trial by Fire" on YouTube!

It's a 14 minute 2d adventure set in an original world, with original music and a great cast!


Join us for the YouTube Premiere of our animated short Wednesday at Noon (EST)!


🎵🎵 Now on YouTube! Listen to the amazing original song "Bring the Reign" from the soundtrack to "Kamikaze: Trial by Fire!"


In just one week we'll be releasing our award-winning animated short on YouTube!

Follow our channel for updates and video announcements:

Go check out this week's Kamikaze update - Decorum!

Acantha's not having any of Logan's sass.

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Go read this week's Kamikaze update: Siblings!

Logan's ranting again, but Acantha has a lead that might make things interesting.

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Go read this week's Kamikaze update: While You Were Out!

Acantha tries to walk the fine line between sympathy and getting Logan back on task running his empire.

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Go read the latest Kamikaze update: Acantha!

A New Pierce family member just dropped!

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Go read this week's Kamikaze update: Conflicting Requirements!

Logan's feeling a bit... ranty this evening.

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We're at this weekend! Join us at booth AA318 and at room 310 on Sunday at 1pm for a showing of our

This week the webcomic is on break as Alan and Carrie move into their new home!

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Hey! Are you going to this weekend? Don't forget to see our first animated short "Kamikaze: Trial by Fire" as part of the Animation block brought to you by Geek Film Fest!

Here's the trailer!

Go read this week's Kamikaze update: And Away We Go!

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Markesha and Orson debate the wisdom of letting Julian and Ritch tag along as the storm starts to hit.

Kamikaze is a post-apocalyptic adventure!

We just had an *amazing* time chatting on the Comic Crusaders Podcast, check it out!


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