We're at this weekend! Join us at booth AA318 and at room 310 on Sunday at 1pm for a showing of our

This week the webcomic is on break as Alan and Carrie move into their new home!

Need to get caught up on Kamikaze? Here's where to go!

Main Site:


Hey! Are you going to this weekend? Don't forget to see our first animated short "Kamikaze: Trial by Fire" as part of the Animation block brought to you by Geek Film Fest!

Here's the trailer!

Go read this week's Kamikaze update: And Away We Go!

Main site: kamikazeanimated.com

Tapas: tapas.io/episode/2528916

Markesha and Orson debate the wisdom of letting Julian and Ritch tag along as the storm starts to hit.

Kamikaze is a post-apocalyptic adventure!

We just had an *amazing* time chatting on the Comic Crusaders Podcast, check it out!


Go read this week's Kamikaze update: Vote of No Confidence!

With the Nines inbound, Orson and Markesha aren’t sticking around to find out what happens next.

Main Site:

On Tapas:

Check out this week's Kamikaze update!


Kamikaze is a adventure series that's like Mad Max, Arcane, and Batman Beyond all in one!

Kamikaze is a dustbowl series, and last year we released our very first animated short!

Check out the trailer:

We're baaaack!!

So much has happened since we've been away!

Get caught up at kamikazeanimated.com

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Hello all! Comics Town is once again welcoming new signups for and creators! Here's the invite link. Share it with folks who you think might need a fedi home for their comics work!


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Oh hey! The @Kamikaze Kickstarter is fully funded! We've got some cool stretch goals, and just added a bunch of bonus digital rewards for backers.

The campaign ends in, like, 30ish hours, so now's a good time to back the campaign if it's your thing.


We've just hit 50% on our Kickstarter! Oh and we've got a shiny image up for today's webcomic update!

We just released an awesome in-character profile for the villain in our upcoming animated short. Take a listen! youtu.be/EkBhC8FDWFA

Update! We're less than $300 away from $10k!

We're raising funds to finish a 2D animated short, and to make a comics anthology with some badass collaborators.

If you're interested in indie science fiction, whether in or , we'd love your support!


Wednesday night Update:

- We've just hit 20% Funded
- Due to poplar request, we now have add-on reward items
- Revealed a new print by Marcus Williams, available as an add-on
- We have 26 days left to hit our funding goal!

If you'd like to support indie and indie , we're not a bad place to start! Check out our campaign and let us know what you think!


One of the really cool backer rewards we're offering is a printable, downloadable tabletop brawl game! Check out this video about it: youtu.be/yJeFNu0nOe4

And Autumn Peltier.

And Mari Copeny.

And Xiye Bastida.

And anyone who is willing to stand up for a brighter future.

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