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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the comics.town moderators.

  1. Comics Town is a place where anyone interested in making comics can come to share their work, connect with other creators, and learn. To grow a safe, inclusive community, the following rules are in place:
  2. Harassment, hate speech, dog-piling, doxxing, and similar behaviors are not welcome.
  3. Comics Town is a welcoming environment for LGBTQIA+ , PoC and Indigenous creators. Moderation decisions will be made with this as a priority.
  4. Explicit content should use the Content Warning feature.
  5. Promotional posts are allowed, but should be in healthy balance with interaction with the community.
  6. Non-comics content is allowed, but please keep fandom discourse to a respectful dull roar.
  7. No AI Generated Content: AI-derived work will be deleted and repeat offenders will lose their Comics Town accounts.