(I've never watched the show, I'd probably like it, but the more I encounter fandoms of a thing before watching it the less likely I am to watch it even if the fandom is generally good. Idk!)

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Looking for bday gifts for my little sister on Etsy means my recommended items section will be full of NBC's Hannibal-related items for the next six months no matter what I do. The sacrifices I make u_u

@sanguinarian@the.monsterpit.net @Kelmartin@the.monsterpit.net heyo, what happened to monsterpit? did the server get nuked or something?

Ah there's a 'detect text from picture' button now for writing the description, let's see how it fares...

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Did you know you can color over Pilot Juice-Up pens with Copics and they won't smudge? It's cool. I'm really enjoying doing that lately.

the URL now redirects to a slightly different URL and I can't log into it or reset my password? I guess I give up. Lemme get some drawings to post.

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Hello I'm back. My main instance seems to have gone, or something? Anyway, I'm here.

I have an endpoint in mind for this part of the comic, but I haven't figured out exactly how we get there. There's a lot of plausible ways to do it...which would be the most natural/narratively satisfying?

Anyway, this is a sketch that may or may not have anything to do with anything.

Part of a speedpaint I did yesterday while waiting for the snow to stop. Think I'll clean it up some and put it up for patrons for V Day...

I pretty much had "Are You Sure" by David Lynch (yes that one) on repeat while working on this. I get periodically stuck on that song.

WIP. Moment-to-moment shots are my favorite--I have to actively try to not use them constantly.

I started my usual NYE illustration, but didn't quite finish it last night. I like how it came out--it might be the only non-comic illo I did in 2018, though.
#mastoart #creativetoots #kitsune #pooka #monsters

Hullo fediverse! I'm Adrien. I've been doing a weekly webcomic called White Noise since 2011. If you like stories about queer characters, monsters, found families, overcoming trauma, and queer monsters finding families while overcoming trauma, you'll probably like it! It's also got a prose component for screen readers (and for an extra perspective, I suppose?)

(Some sort-of body horror and discussion of depersonalization below)



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