This is page 19 of BRAND ECHO, with art by ING and words by Charlotte Finn!

RIP Box Monster. You died as you lived: in a state of elevated, horrific absurdity.

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The latest page of BRAND ECHO, words by me and art by ING, is live on Patreon for all our supporters!

Really, extremely happy with how this one came together.

Page 18 of BRAND ECHO, with words by me and art by ING is now LIVE!

For given values of life.

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Page 17 of BRAND ECHO by myself and Ing!

Love these boxes. Can't get enough of that smiley face.

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Now in full color, with a happier ending*, it's page 16 of BRAND ECHO - art by ING and words by me!

* it does not have a happier ending.

Page 16 of Brand Echo, with art by Ing (inks for now, full colors later.)

So it might surprise you to learn this, but that normal-seeming box wasn't really that normal.

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This is page 15 of BRAND ECHO, a comic by myself and ING. Alice examines a box in the street that is completely normal.

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Page 14 of BRAND ECHO - by myself and ING - is live for all readers! Everything continues to be super n̻̤̖͠or̰̳m̬̫a҉͔̘͙l̩̳̳̭̫̲.̤̟͕̺̤́

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Chapter 1, Page 14 of BRAND ECHO is up on Patreon! All patreons at any level, as little as a dollar, get this two pages early.

Everything is just fine.

Page 13 of BRAND ECHO is now live for all readers!

Alice wakes up. Everything is fine.

Everything is just f̰͙͔͇̮̣͇ine̱̭͚̘͇̬̖.͈̻̝̥̜̤



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There is a new page of BRAND ECHO on Patreon, by Charlotte Finn & ING! (Flats only for now - full colors in a day or so.)

Alice wakes up.

If you want to know what she's waking up to, Patreons get early updates for $1:

Page 12 of BRAND ECHO! (CW: blood, nightmareish imagery, gore) 


Some slight delays here at Brand Echo HQ, so enjoy some bonus content from ING that has nothing to do with the story at all. Honest.

Just can't get enough of those cute lil' phones.

Page 11. Alice grouses and then sleeps.

Transcript available here:

Art by ING.

This marks the end of the first half of the first chapter of BRAND ECHO. Let us know what you think of it thus far!

Live, on Patreon, it's the flats on the final page of the first half of chapter one of BRAND ECHO!

Typing all that, it reminds me: we got a ways to go. But me & ING are super proud of what we have here and we'd love to hear your thoughts so far!

After page 9's intense scene shifting (art by ING,) we settle down a bit for page 10, with everyone's favorite Internet experience: the comments!

Don't read the comments.

Full transcript here:

Now updated with full colors from ING!

BRAND ECHO is about ghosts, love, the stories we tell, and who gets to tell them. And it's DEFINITELY not about Mass Effect.

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