Page 36 - and the end of chapter one - of BRAND ECHO by @CharlotteBeyond and ING!

Thank you all so much for your support, and stick with us 'cause it only gets weirder from here.

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Brand Echo has updated, with a new page live on our Patreon, written by @CharlotteBeyond and drawn by ING! You can see it today by pledging one thin dollar!

Alice hears the Echo.

Page 27 of BRAND ECHO - really two pages - is up at our site! Words by @CharlotteBeyond and art by ING!

Alice is in the soup.

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Now with full colors! Alice's encounter with a friendly makeup rep goes poorly.

This is page 22 of BRAND ECHO, art by ING and words by @CharlotteBeyond. Help us out and spread the word!

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In this, page 22 of BRAND ECHO, Alice gets approached by a friendly makeup rep.

(Art is by ING and words are by @CharlotteBeyond. Full archives in this thread, or at…)

Flats only for now - full colors coming soon!

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There is a new page for BRAND ECHO live on our Patreon, with words by @CharlotteBeyond and art by ING! Patrons get bonus pages two days in advance.

Good news, everyone! Alice is gonna be fine.

This is page 19 of BRAND ECHO, with art by ING and words by Charlotte Finn!

RIP Box Monster. You died as you lived: in a state of elevated, horrific absurdity.

Transcript at our website:

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