Chimeran Legends by @AK_illustrate!

This furry fantasy story instantly got my attention with its worldbuilding, and every page since has made me want more!

First page >> (chimeranlegends.thecomicseries )

And you can buy the first chapter here >> (commiss.io/listings/Dvnl )

Star Impact by @Drooling_Demon!

In a world of super-powered boxing, Aster finally gets her chance to prove herself and solve the mystery of her missing hero!

This one has a very unique style I absolutely dig!

First page >> (starimpactcomic.com/comic/prol)

Boxing Bugs by @Dog22322!

An action-adventure comic about two best friends fighting to become the champions of boxing!

The pleasing, fluid art style mixed with the instantly likable characters makes this a new fav for me!

First page >> (tapas.io/episode/1102064 )

Boys Land by @ jackellisart (on Twitter)

Twin boys head off on an adventure to find the mysterious Rainbow Egg at the End of the World!

An absolute must-read for anyone who loves shounen stories!

First page >> (boysland.thewebcomic.com/comic)

Hullo fediverse! I'm Adrien. I've been doing a weekly webcomic called White Noise since 2011. If you like stories about queer characters, monsters, found families, overcoming trauma, and queer monsters finding families while overcoming trauma, you'll probably like it! It's also got a prose component for screen readers (and for an extra perspective, I suppose?)

(Some sort-of body horror and discussion of depersonalization below)


Hi! This is @CatComixzStudios's webcomic-focused account!

My old reviews are hosted on Tumblr (thewebcomicwanderer.tumblr.com), but new ones will be posted here.

Feel free to message me about comics you want me to check out! Before you do so, however, I'd appreciate if you'd do a quick search for it on the list of ones I've covered already! (docs.google.com/document/d/1lD)

I'll tag each recommendation with and #[ComicName] for your convenience!

Hope you find some new favorite comics!

@Mayor Appreciate it! It's pretty much the perfect setting for this account, haha.


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