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Link’s let the cat out of the bag about Orson’s situation and Markesha is suddenly feeling very locked in.

Kamikaze is a !

Sam the Chickadee #9

My mum used to make me chicken soup when I was sick. She’d put a single ice cube in my bowl to cool it down enough for me to eat. What comforts you when you’re sick?

@joe Welcome to Comics.Town! Feel free to introduce yourself and your project.

Hi there to all the new people! A quick re-introduction: this is the admin account for Comics.Town, a Masto instance focused around , , and creators!

If you're looking for a fediverse home for your comic work, shoot me a DM for an invite

I don't really have any cool stuff to share but a while back I decided to gift to the world a giant list of comics I liked with women and girls as central protagonists and rate them all. It needs an update but here it is: #comics

Kamikaze update! Orson’s window for contact is closing and his team is torn on what to do.

Kamikaze is a that updates every Wednesday!

Hi all! This is a re- #introduction for all the new arrivals. I'm Alan! I'm one third of the team behind the @Kamikaze #webcomic, a digital artist, and I blog about #opensource #virtualworlds!

I also run the Comics.Town instance for #comic creators and their creations, so shoot me a DM if you'd like an invite!

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