Hi! This is @CatComixzStudios's webcomic-focused account!

My old reviews are hosted on Tumblr (thewebcomicwanderer.tumblr.com), but new ones will be posted here.

Feel free to message me about comics you want me to check out! Before you do so, however, I'd appreciate if you'd do a quick search for it on the list of ones I've covered already! (docs.google.com/document/d/1lD)

I'll tag each recommendation with and #[ComicName] for your convenience!

Hope you find some new favorite comics!

@TheWebcomicWanderer Definitely! It's great that webcomics are starting to find their home here on the Fediverse.

Welcome to Comics Town @TheWebcomicWanderer! Looking forward to you being here!

9/20 Low-res/textless/off-color (because Masto kills it for whatever reason) preview page

Hi-res/dialogue/good color versions on my Patreon go public a week after they're posted for Patrons only:

#art #fanart #bloodborne
#illustration #comic

Hey, Mastofriends, I'd like some help/feedback on a thing.

I'm building an open source platform for hosting web comics. I want it to be safe and usable by as many folks as possible, out of the box. But before I get too far into a rabbit hole of difficult-to-change design, I want to ensure I consider all the options users would actually appreciate in a community platform like this will be.

Linked below is my current list. Thoughts?


@CampCounselor Howdy neighbor! Great to see another comics instance! Let me know if I can help at all!

“Alas, Poor Foozle!”

If you like this, you might like SciFi comic SMUGGLER’S CURVE. I’m doing it for with artist @NguyeningIt


More pictures from ! If you're at the convention, come by AA-1125 and say hi!

Weekend has been a blast so far! Here's some photos from the show floor.

@FriendsOfSam No worries, building a buffer and self care are important!

Sam the Chickadee #10

Some people find it difficult to express how much they care. It still feels good to do kind things for them!


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