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Oh hey! The @Kamikaze Kickstarter is fully funded! We've got some cool stretch goals, and just added a bunch of bonus digital rewards for backers.

The campaign ends in, like, 30ish hours, so now's a good time to back the campaign if it's your thing.

We've just hit 50% on our Kickstarter! Oh and we've got a shiny image up for today's webcomic update!

We just released an awesome in-character profile for the villain in our upcoming animated short. Take a listen!

Update! We're less than $300 away from $10k!

We're raising funds to finish a 2D animated short, and to make a comics anthology with some badass collaborators.

If you're interested in indie science fiction, whether in or , we'd love your support!

Wednesday night Update:

- We've just hit 20% Funded
- Due to poplar request, we now have add-on reward items
- Revealed a new print by Marcus Williams, available as an add-on
- We have 26 days left to hit our funding goal!

If you'd like to support indie and indie , we're not a bad place to start! Check out our campaign and let us know what you think!

One of the really cool backer rewards we're offering is a printable, downloadable tabletop brawl game! Check out this video about it:

And Autumn Peltier.

And Mari Copeny.

And Xiye Bastida.

And anyone who is willing to stand up for a brighter future.

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PSA, RAICES Fundraiser 

Donate to #RAICES, get a ton of digital downloads from #comic and #digitalart creators. @Kamikaze has pitched in free download codes for Volumes 1 and 2! #mastoart #activisim

We’re embarrassed to report the hiatus will be continuing for an additional week while we’re out of town.

Please accept this Flying Markesha (by Alan) as a token of our gratitude for your patience!

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