Kamikaze Update!

Markesha’s run out of pavement to pound. Audrey realizes just how much she’s messed up their coworkers first day.

Kamikaze #Lore 

Markesha’s recruitment has been a unique process for Orson’s team. The usual route for hiring a new recruit is through the Razors. Orson favored using Razors as they came with training, were moderately fit, and above all else knew how to take orders. (cont.)

Kamikaze #Lore (continued) 

The worst first day any recruit had before this was when their new asset casually let slip a few details about his new job to a friend. Audrey and Link immediately scrambled into hiding. Orson had to keep his profile low, while continuing his contributions to the Razors. The whole team was separated for nearly a month. Some time during this hiatus the loose lipped recruit mysteriously disappeared.

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