… Sam beams at Julie, who smiles. “You’re welcome, Mr. Stickly!” She says.

Image description:

An old porcupine sits on a stool outside his burrow. Julie, holding a basket full of muffins, walks up with Sam. “Morning, Mr. Stickly!” Julie says. “Hmph!” says the old porcupine. “You got my muffins?” “Yes, Mr. Stickly. Still warm!” Says Julie. “Hmph! Good.” Says Mr. Stickly. He reaches out, takes a muffin, and starts munching on it. All the while, Sam looks at him intently, waiting, until Mr. Stickly sighs. “Thank you.” Mr. Stickly says. “Harumph!” (Cont…)

Sam the Chickadee #10

Some people find it difficult to express how much they care. It still feels good to do kind things for them!


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Sam the Chickadee #9

My mum used to make me chicken soup when I was sick. She’d put a single ice cube in my bowl to cool it down enough for me to eat. What comforts you when you’re sick?


Hello, my lovelies! I'm here to announce a couple big changes:

1) The comic's being renamed to "Sam the Chickadee"! I had a lot of my own reasons for making this change, though it won't be all that interesting for anyone else. XD

2) I created a URL and website home for the comic for the future! That way if federation issues prevents you from seeing the new post here, you can always see it there:


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Just a reminder: I'm taking a hiatus while my partner and I travel and visit family! I'm looking forward to making more strips and sharing them all with you when I'm back home and settled. 😊 💛

I also want to apologize for some of my followers with screen readers: The nature of comics means that I often can't fit all of the image description in the alt text box, so I append them as unlisted replies to the comic thread. Only it seems that those replies don't always show up right away for some people on some instances; it appears to be a federation issue.

Let me know if there's a better way for me to include these descriptions! I'd like to make this comic as accessible as I can. 💛 😊

Just a heads up: I'm going to have one more update on Friday, then I'll be going on hiatus for a couple of weeks while my partner and I visit family. I'll be back to posting more regularly when we get back in September!

Thank you so much for reading, and for all the boosts and support. Y'all are the best! 💛 🐦

There are two panels of the Stellar Jay punching the evil numbat, with the sound effects “BAM” and “POW”. The chicks shout “We’re saved!” as Stellar Jay stands triumphantly. The final panel shows Sam the Chickadee, relaxing at home in his nest. It is raining outside, and he is reading The Stellar Jay comic books. A thought bubble above his head shows him imagining himself wearing a cape like a superhero! (Fin.)

Image description: A title page font says “The Stellar Jay” in big, white letters. A cartoon steller’s jay wearing a purple cape covered with stars is shown grinning confidently toward the viewer. There are panels of a comic book: Five chicks tied in rope cry “Help us, STELLAR JAY!” A green numbat wearing a doctor’s reflector laughs menacingly: “Bwe-heh-heh!” Then Stellar Jay swoops down from a star in the sky, saying “I’ll save you!” (Cont.…)

Here's a larger version of that last panel, since I was so happy with how it turned out. 😊

Go build your own blanket fort today! ⛺ 📖 ✨

… "I’m not feeling up to a party. Are you both sure–“ Julie gasps, with stars in her eyes. The final panel shows the three of them in a beautiful, night-time blanket fort. Sam sleeps in a basket suspended overhead as Julie and Zoë lay on pillows beneath a blanket tent reading a book. Julie has a smile on her face.

Image description: A black sheep named Zoë talks to Sam the chickadee who is up in a tree. “Hey, Sam. Julie’s been really sad lately, but I think I have an idea for something nice to do for her. Want to help?” Three panels of them working on something: Zoë placing a blanket over a rope, Sam stringing some lights, the two of them deciding between two books… Then it’s night time. Sam and Zoë are escorting Julie the white rabbit through the dark. “I don’t know, Zoë…” she says. [Cont…]

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