Hello, folks! You might have noticed I missed an update this past Monday… I'm feeling pretty low about that. As a result I'm going to update only once a week for a little while until I get my legs back under me.

Also, my partner and I will be doing some travelling in December, so updates may be inconsistent around the holidays. Apologies for any inconvenience! Sam the Chickadee isn't going anywhere though, I promise. :)

Keep being awesome, everyone! 💛 🐦 😊

Sam the Chickadee will be back to its regular posting schedule starting Monday, November 5th!

Celebrate Bonfire Night with friendly chickadee comics why don't you! 😊 🐦

Sam the Chickadee #13

That’s a lot of work for one little chickadee, but he didn’t give up! I wonder what he’s up to?


[I'll be taking a short hiatus for the month of October. I hope you're all well, and I'll be back with more Sam the Chickadee soon! 💛 🐦 ]

… They say as Julie and Sam smile. The last panel shows Julie and Zoë playing in the water, while Sam sunbathes on a sandcastle.

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Sam and Julie stand on the beach with a picnic basket, beach ball, and other beach supplies. “Snacks, toys… we have everything we need for the perfect beach day!” Julie says. “Everything except Zoë–“ “I’m here.” Zoë says. They turn to see them standing there in a two-piece bathing suit and swimming goggles, with their wool fur sticking out all over from the edges of their swimsuit. “Don’t say anything.” (Cont…)

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Just a heads up:

I've decided I'm going to take a short hiatus the month of October to try and build up a suitable buffer and give myself a little break. I apologise for the inconvenience! But Sam the Chickadee isn't going anywhere, I promise. 😊

Keep being awesome! 💛 🐦

… Sam beams at Julie, who smiles. “You’re welcome, Mr. Stickly!” She says.

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An old porcupine sits on a stool outside his burrow. Julie, holding a basket full of muffins, walks up with Sam. “Morning, Mr. Stickly!” Julie says. “Hmph!” says the old porcupine. “You got my muffins?” “Yes, Mr. Stickly. Still warm!” Says Julie. “Hmph! Good.” Says Mr. Stickly. He reaches out, takes a muffin, and starts munching on it. All the while, Sam looks at him intently, waiting, until Mr. Stickly sighs. “Thank you.” Mr. Stickly says. “Harumph!” (Cont…)

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Sam the Chickadee #9

My mum used to make me chicken soup when I was sick. She’d put a single ice cube in my bowl to cool it down enough for me to eat. What comforts you when you’re sick?


Hello, my lovelies! I'm here to announce a couple big changes:

1) The comic's being renamed to "Sam the Chickadee"! I had a lot of my own reasons for making this change, though it won't be all that interesting for anyone else. XD

2) I created a URL and website home for the comic for the future! That way if federation issues prevents you from seeing the new post here, you can always see it there:


Thank you for your support! I'll be back to posting comics soon! 💛 🐦

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